About Us

Publisher: Jared S.

Growing up in downtown New York, I first started to play baseball at the age of seven in the Greenwich Village Little League.  One summer evening, after returning home from a day at camp, my Dad asked me if I'd like to catch a ballgame with him at Yankee Stadium.  I remember answering yes when I was told that I'd be able to get some cotton candy at the game.  I was eight years old at the time. We took a long subway ride to the Bronx and then entered the ballpark.  It was enormous.  I recall walking through a long tunnel that led to the greenest grass I'd ever seen in my life.  My Dad started to tell me about the team he grew up watching, the New York Yankees.  I heard a lot about someone named Mickey Mantle, his favorite Yankee of all.  That evening, for the first few innings, I rooted for Yankees.  Then, a player on the Angels, Torii Hunter, hit a ball over a far away fence and quieted the ballpark.  I didn't fully understand what was happening but I remember thinking that this Hunter guy was rather cool.  The Angels also had a player named Vladdy; he seemed beyond cool.  So, I began to cheer for the Angels and left Yankee Stadium as a fan of the Halos. I recall the mostly red uniforms worn by the Angels and how they looked much finer than the boring white and blue pinstriped ones  that the Yankees were dressed in.  The Angels won the game quite easily...and won my heart as well.  I've followed them ever since, and over the years, I've met many of the players who I first saw only on a television screen.  I've been to the Big A many times over the years and feel at home there.  Yankee fans can have their Bronx, and their Bombers as well. I'll take my Halos any day.  Perhaps one day I'll even live in the State of California. But for now, I live here in New York City with my mom Lynne, my dad Malcolm, my sister Juliet, and my dog Jinx.  I decided to write this blog because there's nothing I enjoy more than following the Angels.  Writing keeps me close to them, always!

New York, New York-April 2017.